Catastrophizing and Black Holes

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I'm making an effort to get Flossblog up and running again. I suppose I simply lost interest, and motivation, and inspiration. LAME. It's been neglected for far too long, and it's been weighing on my conscience a little, like I'd left a kid locked in a cupboard or something. And the kid's been locked up in that dank little cupboard for 11 months. The kid in the cupboard is cold and lonely, and he's starting to smell a bit. It's dark in the cupboard, mommy, so very dark.

I’m torn between claiming that “nothing ever happens to me”, and spilling out all the tawdry details of what’s been going on with me since I last wrote here. Instead, I’m reaching a compromise and doing neither. The truth is that a lot has happened in the last few months, but paradoxically nothing much has changed. I retain the right to remain cryptic on these details, because this is not a diary, and I’m not comfortable with sharing every intimate detail about my life on an open internet forum. There are some things that should remain private.

Yeah. Hi. There’s no particular reason I should post this picture, but I want these shoes more than oxygen and if someone could please buy them for me I’ll clean your feet with my mouth like those Japanese nibbler fish. Thanks.

SO. Since I last updated Flossblog, about a thousand years ago, I have gained a boyfriend, gained a full-time job, lost the full-time job, suffered my worst bout of depression since London, had surgery, gained another full-time job, lost the full-time job, and have continued to be veritably steeped in poverty throughout this entire time. Life is a rollercoaster, you just gotta blah blah something, piss off. Being poor is starting to grind my goat somewhat. I basically just struggle through from one paycheck to the next, and simple items like groceries are not always affordable. I am, however, trying to embrace the artist’s lifestyle. I have no money, but plenty of time to paint and draw and write. I discovered that I have somewhat of a talent for painting, and I’ll upload some pictures later.

Flossblog this time round probably won’t be as structured or coherent. It’s probably going to contain posts about, like, how the ocean STAYS TOGETHER, or if monks are celibate then where to little monks come from? And puppies. Lots more puppies. But at least it will get done. Maybe. Probably.

PUPPY! I want a Yorkie puppy and I shall call it Quiche Lorraine and I shall keep it in a sock

Did I mention I’ve applied to Uni? It’s been almost 10 years since I finished school and declared I was done with education forever more, and people keep on telling me I won’t know what hit me. I’m frightened. This is definitely something I want to do, but I’m getting a little concerned about how I’m going to handle it, what with my propensity for stress and anxiety. Plus, I need to work to support myself, which will be even more difficult. Wait and watch, kids, you might be lucky enough to catch me breaking down in real-time.

Bear with me, friends and strangers, as I try to resurrect Flossblog. I can’t guarantee it will be interesting, or that I will manage to pull it off, but I’m trying here, I’M TRYING!

Coming soon- my second annual 7 Favourite Books 2010.


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    Love love LOVE

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