Current obsession: my Seamonkeys
Currently reading: The Story of a Nobody by Anton Chekhov
Last DVD purchased: Mad Men series 2

I’ve been working on a blog about my 7 (five is too few, ten is too many) favourite books that I read in 2009 since, well, since last year. I’m having trouble with it because ultimately I’m not a reviewer. The extent of my reviews on books and movies is generally “Yeh, it’s good n’ shit?” so trying to write about why these books had such a profound effect on me is proving difficult. So in the meantime, while I’m supposed to be writing this book blog I keep getting distracted by things like, oh I don’t know, image-searching “puppies” and the like. Boy howdy, I can look at puppies for HOURS! And hours and hours and hours…

I mean, just look at this! He can’t get up! HE CAN’T GET UP!!!!

So I was actually thinking (prompted by @nashtom) of doing a countdown of my favourite puppy image searches, just to waste some time, and because puppies make me so shitting happy. But, once I started doing “research” I got distracted again by the multitude of pictures I found of dogs with monkeys. Which I then thought was much more interesting and bizarre (and hence, right up my alley) than simple puppies. And so I bring to you: Monkeydogs!

You’ve got your monkeys with dogs-

You’ve got your monkeys on dogs-

You’ve got your dogs dressed as monkeys-

Aaaaand then you’ve just got these things….


4 Responses to “Monkeydogs”

  1. @nashtom Says:


  2. kirstenin Says:

    I think I love monkeydogs…

  3. ludditewebdev Says:

    Best blog post of 2010, it’ll be difficult to beat!

  4. shinynewcoin Says:

    I cannot believe I’ve lived this long without monkeydogs!

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